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Just Right Events currently works with speakers who regularly visit Australasia - if any of these speakers are of interest for your organisation or group they are available for conference keynotes, Presentations and workshops.  Rates & availability on application.


We are always on the look out for new talent if this might be you please contact us.

Communication Experts

Drs Susan & Peter Glaser ( US)

Communication has been our life for almost 40 years — and we’re delighted to share it with you. Remember: Trust is not a prerequisite for communication. It is a byproduct of communication. More

Teaching & Training Expert

Dr Rich Allen ( US)

Applying the latest theories in accelerated learning, educational psychology and brain-based teaching to help educators and executives teach, train, motivate and facilitate more effectively. More

Non Verbal Communication & Management

Maybe You?

Dr Michael Grinder


When we are talking about non-verbal communication, we are really talking about communication in general. Why? Because the non-verbals in our communications account for 80-90% of what we are communicating. More

If your expertise can help transform the corporate and educational world why not let us know?

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