From Trainers, NZ


This was the best workshop I have ever attended. Most workshops that I thought were good before pale in comparison. I thought it was a good workshop if I only had a few moments where my attention waned – however with this workshop, there was not a single moment like that

Initially I wasn't too excited at coming to this course as I thought there would potentially be a lot of getting up in front of the class and doing wacky outside the box things which I'm not totally comfortable with. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Rich promotes a feeling of ease and got us simply to share our thoughts in small groups.

Absolutely loved the Back of the Room experience, as it was great to view Rich using the tools that he then goes on to dissect later. Also really good that we were able to liaise with Rich during the course, with any questions that we may have with any technique he was going to demonstrate.


From Trainers, Australia

This was probably one of the best courses that I have done so far!

The course was excellent as it demonstrated the effect of different changes for teaching and training and then explained the reasons why.

Fast paced, high energy learning. Looking forward to the challenge of change at our organisation.

It was great to see examples of the concepts and skills in practice while learning them, and then to be able to reflect on how they worked with our own group.

The course was excellent, Rich's years of experience, energy and enjoyment showed through on both days, I have never had such a great experience on a course as this one, thank you!

I really valued the open, non-threatening and fun space that Rich nurtured. This was a fantastic workshop, thank you.

Thanks for the follow up, the course was fantastic and we are so excited to implement some of Rich's approaches back at work.

​​"Our state meeting in September was absolutely buzzing after Rich's interactive sessions on audience learning and engagement. He was our feature speaker on the night and delivered great insight in a very practical way - feedback from our members has been incredible. Not only that, he arrived early on the night and assisted less experienced members with their pre-session activities, which increased the value of those sessions by 200%. It's great working with personable and professional presenters like Rich." -Phil Preston, Sydney, Australian Speakers Association.